Monday, February 25, 2013


colors--so far--
I joined the color a month scrap bom--
January's color was pink--
And February's color is purple--
and this is the pattern that I chose to do for my blocks--
I wanted a fairly easy block--just wanted one that did use some different prints in it--
and this is the one-- that won--
and I found a jelly roll of solid  colors that I will be using for the 't' part--
or going and getting a solid to go with the block colors if I don't find a solid in my stash!!!
This pattern comes from this book--
Now I can look at purchasing #2,#3, and I think there is even a 4th issue out now--
but told myself that I had to use book #1 first!!!!!!
and these blocks have been--
Miss Gracie approved--Alice I think, Miss Gracie  likes the purple one the best!!!

I did work all afternoon on another of the projects I listed yesterday and--
I nearly finished it --but????
Can you guess which one I am working on now???
Yep--there's a prize, too!!!!
Happy stitching day to all--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I think your helper approves of the blocks. ;)

  2. I like your blocks and it appears Miss Gracie does also. I haven't heard of this month scrap bom. Where have I been. Have fun. Nola

  3. Hi Di.I like the blocks that you are working on and I love the purple one the best.(Although I do love pink) I haven't seen this pattern before. I think it will be a very pretty quilt. How many colors are you going to use?Is it going to be really scrappy?
    I just noticed that the little chicken you have on your blog is blinking it's eyes. That is sooo cute!
    Well, I am going to go get my hair dried so I can go to bed. Hope you have a great night!
    (BTW--I think today you worked on project #4 from yesterday)

  4. Pretty blocks!!! Hmmm-might have to go hunt down that magazine cause it looks really nice. I think you should be finishing the cute sheep. Have fun whatever you are up to.

  5. Lie the idea of a Colour BOM, I have to say that I love purple too!!! Miss Gracie looks very relaxed there!!! Are you starting to sandwich your little leaders and enders top, that you finished, from memory it was like a turquoise and paler print, small squares.....hmmmmmm!!!

  6. I like the diagonal that shows up when you put the blocks together. An easy one to draft and effective. What a great idea, to do a block a month in a different colour.

  7. I think you might have knitted some.


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