Monday, February 4, 2013


I did drop of the check off this morning--
then went next door-- all excited to tell Pam that Odie had a home--
the surprise was on me!!!
She and her husband have decided to adopt him--
I went back next door and got my check back--
came home and call the Humane Society lady--
(she was not happy either!!)

I have no words for how I feel--
this has been such a merry-go--round with Odie's future--
I am just out of it--
Miss gracie and I will just have each other--
we are in a routine here--soooo
maybe that is good and okay!!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments--
If I had not felt that Odie loved Pam--
I still might have brought him home--
but I did see that Odie does love Pam--
and it is a good thing I have a good stash of yarn--
is all I can say!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. oh dear, hope you are not too upset about it. The main thing is that he will be loved and have a good home. And miss Gracie is so happy as she is :-)

  2. And, Odie will just be next door. Right? You can be the Auntie!

  3. I am so sad reading this. Clearly Odie loved you, too. I think a handshake should be honored, just saying. :( Miss Gracie loves you, too. :)

  4. Sorry Di.I hope you aren't too upset over this. I know you loved Odie, but you can still visit with him (I hope).Take care.

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this :-(
    Perhaps there is another special kitten waiting for you and Miss Gracie!
    Hugs, Sarah x

  6. So sorry Odie didn't come home with you.
    As Sarah said maybe there will be another kitty needing a loving home...

  7. I am sorry to hear about Odie! I just knew you loved this little guy! The photo of him in your previous post shows a cat with such a dynamic and intelligent little face, he's a special little fellow, that is obvious!!!!
    I know that he will be loved and treasured in his new home, and just maybe there is another little life that needs a chance to be loved and saved from an uncertain future, sometimes these things happen for a reason!! Give that Miss Gracie a big 'ole hug, and I hope you get to visit with Odie often in the future!!

  8. How nice to read! End of a love-story really,right:))

  9. I know you have gone round and round with this. Sorry he's not going to be staying with you. It seems God has a different plan for you and Miss Gracie. You and Miss Gracie just enjoy that yarn!


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