Thursday, February 7, 2013


I got an email from our friend Sunny--
she wanted to sure I was well 'stocked' for the snow storm
that they say is coming my way--
and because of that email--
I did decide to go over town--
and look what followed me home????
not one, but 2 bags of dark chocolate--
one is solid with almond pieces in it--
and the other one--
is my favorite--
dark chocolate covered cashews---

then of course seeing as I am sooooo close to the quilt shop--
and I was in a red mood--
so 2 half yard pieces came home too--
What was that Miss Gracie???
Oh--Pllllleaseeee--dont tell them how many red pieces of cloth I already have!!!
besides miss gracie these are 'different' doesn't that count for something????

and then as I had to pass the yarn shop on my way home--
and it was the normal class time--
I got brave and stopped in--
and my boy Odie came to see me--
he played with the ties on my hat for a bit--
then he cuddled and purred up a storm in my arms--
I guess, Pam is going to take him home at night and bring him to the shop during the day--
so maybe I will get to see him after all!!!

I did cleaning today--and some hand work--
but no finishes--maybe tomorrow!!!
and yes I have lots of toilet paper and cat food and yogurt--
and we know I have lots of chocolate now--
so let the snow begin!!!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Pretty reds! And now you're prepared for anything, so bring on the snow. For the record, when I come to visity, I don't like cashews, and I'm allergic to almonds. I'm glad you got to see Odie today.

  2. Sounds like a really good day. Like those reds! Save some of those cashews for me please.

  3. I can see that Odie will not get lonely, seeing as he now has a job at the yarn shop as a supervisorLOL!!!
    Hope your snow storm did not get out of hand, but I expect your chocolate treats may just get a bit out of hand LOL!!!! Take care!!

  4. Haven't seen snow in some time -- mind if I drop by? I need milk chocolate, however, with nuts is fine! Stay warm.

  5. All set for the storm. Hope it is not near what they have called for up your way! Warm hugs!

  6. Di, Don't worry about the cashews and almonds that Sunny won't touch because I'll eat both when I come visiting! I'm so glad you got to see Odie again and might continue to see him. Have fun sewing during the storm, it looks like a doosey.


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