Friday, February 8, 2013


from me today--
for some reason it seemed to have 'wings' on it--
but I did get this Valentine's quilt finished today--
I should probably do some hand quilting in the red part--
but then again--for the small time it will be out each year--
I will just leave it==
there is a 'stack' of quilt tops just waiting there turn to be hand quilted
and photographed!!!
Wonder which one I will chose to do next???

So far we probably only have an inch of snow--
but they say more during the night--
we will see???!!!!!

Have a great week end--no matter where you live--
or what kind of weather you are having---
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Hi Di. Your little quilt is sooo pretty. But it looks so complicated to make. I bet it was hard to piece.
    The weather is going to be nice here tomorrow. I think it will be in the 60's. But it is supposed to start raining again next week. I am really tired of cold, rainy weather.I heard that it is going to be bad up your way so be careful and stay warm. Have a great night

  2. Very cute--makes me want to finish my Christmas twistee pinwheels. Take more snow pictures for me.

  3. Your quilt is just beautiful. I love the fabrics you used. I know how you feel I think there are like 8 quilts waiting for me in my closet. I just found your sweet blog and I am your newest follower. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Love your new little quilt. Hope you survive the snow storm and that all will be well. Nola

  5. Very sweet little Valentine's quilt!! Have heard about your now storm on the news this evening, hope it doesn't affect you too badly!!

  6. Love the Valentine quilt! Your weather has made the headlines here, too! Stay indoors with miss Gracie and keep warm :-)

  7. Such a beautiful little quilt!


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