Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I did get a doll top done--

This was a fun quilt to do and I enjoyed getting out all my homespun's that I have collected
and picking and choosing which ones to use!!
I did keep the border in simpler lines to frame the colorful center--

And my newest fabric order came in that miss gracie pushed the "to buy" button on--
I was just window shopping!!!

What's wrong--miss gracie????

Hummm--is that alot of 'orange' I see in those new fabrics--
I think that miss gracie is in 't r o u b l e"--
she knows her mom is not an orange fan!!!
Oh--I do see why you wanted to order this line--
those 'frogs' are sooo cute--
and you probably did not think the orange would be sooo orange--right????
And you know that your mom loves lady bugs and daisy's--right???
Ok--I know you had your Mom's interest at heart when you bought these--
so you can still get your 'treats' tomorrow!!!!  Maybe!!!!!

Am still working on a couple other projects == of course!!!
but tomorrow I really really need to take some time off and do some domestic jobs around here--

The maid went on vacation--think she is on that broken down cruise ship they are towing back to shore---
so it may be awhile before she can get back to work????!!!!!!

Hugs, Smiles, Di and miss gracie


  1. Love your new quilt top with all the homespuns. It is really bright and cheerful. Hope you have a great Valentines Day tomorrow. I think of you all month long as I enjoy the beautiful little quilt I received from you a year ago. Nola

  2. That is going to be a lucky dolly. It turned out great. And guess what--Miss Gracie and CeCe must have been taling to each other because she bought me some of that exact same fabric!!! Aren't we lucky pet owners?
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Love the quilt top!
    Oh, I mustn't let the furries see that miss Gracie is allowed to shop online - I'd never know what to expect in my mailbox!
    Happy Valentine's!

    P.S. Miss Gracie has good taste. I like the orange fabric, too.

  5. Cute Deb Mumm fabby! Miss Gracie must love frogs! Cute dolly quilt top. My maid must be on that same ship and we have company coming on Sunday!!!Slacker she is sneaking off on that ship. Serves her right!;-)!

  6. Love the cup cake colors! Nice doll top. Enjoy a super Valentine`s Day :))

  7. The plaids you used in your Doll Quilt give this piece a lovely relaxed country feel, I love the effect! You chose well!!!
    The fabric that Miss Gracie is responsible for is gorgeous! I had been eyeing it off too on one of the fabric websites and fell in love with the critters, it is definitely a lovely line!! I'll be very interested to see what you do with it!!!!

  8. Happy Valentines Di and Miss Gracie! Love you both to bits!

  9. It was lucky Miss Gracie didn't decide to join the maid. Is there a project in mind for those fabrics?

  10. Oh I just checked out that new Debbie Mumm Range and I love it all,even the oranges...

  11. DI, I love your Homespun Doll's quilt - what a gorgeous wee design!! I think there is so much yumminess in those fabrics that you will see beyond the orange - they really are very cute aren't they?!


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