Monday, March 25, 2013


For as long as it wants to be---
is what I say--
but then when winter is tired and does hibernate--
then Spring can come and stay!! with warmer temps each day--
and no late frosts or storms to destroy the new buds and growth--
this is my 'theory' and I am sticking to it!!!!

Got some 'Spring finishes' though--
Yep--I am still on 'felt' work---
here is 4 cute circles of spring things--
think I will 'pin' them to a ribbon to hang on my old wood cabinet door--
time will tell???????
Had fun stitching these --
I have gotten this far on this one--
the rabbit is a leftover from another wool project and I did design and stitch the daffodil and it is also a leftover from a project--the bunny needs an eye-
but you got any other ideas what to add to this---
or how for me to finish it????????

Are you decorated for Easter????
I got a start on Sunday--
Got the Easter decorations down from the top shelf!!!!!!!

I have started 2 new shawls for knitting--
and have been 'bad' as I am reading books--
instead of doing all the sewing I guess I should be doing!!!!!

and what have you been up to?????
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie


  1. Where did you find those adorable little ornaments?!? I am SO ready for Spring. Hopefully today will be the last of the snow.

  2. Hi Di.The felt ornaments are really adorable. They would be cute strung on the back of a chair or on a rail.Or even across the top of a window.
    It is very cold here today. It has been blowing snow all day, but it is so windy that none of it stayed on the ground.It is not going to warm up until the weekend.
    Hope you have a great night!

  3. Cute ornaments! So is the bunny and daffodil - maybe some spiky grass each side of the flower?
    Doing some sewing on my Sue Daley project - suddenly enjoying the handsewing. (I should really be working om MIL's birthday present ..)

  4. We don't decorate in Aussie as much as you do in the US but since having a blog and swapping I have now some lovely Easter Rabitts and placemats etc I get out for Easter..
    Look forward to seeing yor home all Easterly...

  5. Indeed! That The felt ornaments are really adorable. They would be cute strung on the back of a chair or on a rail.Or even across the top of a window.

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  6. Love your four spring circles! So cute :) Since I'm not home there won't be any spring decorating for me.... oh well, next year hopefully! xxx

  7. Cute little spring flakes. I got all the chocolate bought--does that count as decortating??? Please say yes.

  8. The little felt ornaments are very cute, love those two little chickens!!!!!
    What about some Easter Eggs to add to the Rabbit and Flower! This project could become an Easter decoration for future Easters!
    Trying to finish up some UFO's at the moment when I can get to them!!! Have a lovely Easter Di!!!!


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