Friday, March 1, 2013


YES it did==
and right on schedule--
And for here it came in as a lamb--
as far as the weather goes--
that is!!!!!
But personally --
I have been 'tipped' over--
First yesterday on the last day of February--
while eating soup==no less--
I broke off part of a front tooth--
so now I get to go do my very favorite thing in the whole world--
visit the dentist next Tuesday!!!!!lol

And then this morning I went  online to check on my direct deposit
in my banking account--
and surprise!!!!
Not just one--
but two--
withdrawals where done after midnight last night to the amount of--
$400.00 each--that's $800.00 to a Walmart in Iowa from Paypal!!!
I had read in a comment on a knitting site the evening before-- that Paypal had been hacked--
now wait --just a minute--I though everyone said that Paypal was the most secure site
out there????
apparently not--blog friends--
I did hustle over to the bank and she said yes there was the 2 transactions on there and they
where by Paypal--so we took that debit card and cut it up and closed it out and signed me up
for a new one--and if the charges are still there come Monday I will have to go into the bank and
sign some paper work---grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
So in doing some research today I come to this answer for us--
that love to order online--
take the amount that you plan to spend that month and go buy a Visa card at a drugstore or
walmart--yes it cost $3.00--but no one can use it against you --cause if the money is not on the card they can't get any--whereas the bank just pays it now and asks questions later--in the meantime I cannot use
that bank account--
luckily I have a second account--
I needed chocolate--
So this is my story for tonight!!!!
there is more news--but that will be for tomorrow night!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. How awful. At least you caught it in time. It just goes to show you how vigilant we all have to be with our money and where it goes.

  2. How terrible for you! I don't know what I'd think was worst, the dentist or the bank. I have had two Visa accounts hacked, but they have always paid me back. I hope you get your money back soon. (You might need some fabric :-) )

  3. Oh! my goodness, what a terrible thing to happen! I am always a bit worried about these sorts of things myself, I guess there is just no fail safe method. I do hope your bank honours you with a refund!! Awful business about your tooth too, a nuisance, hope your dentist does a good job for you! You take care Di....

  4. at least you caught it right away. they will probably never catch them either. so sad!

  5. OMG, how awfull. To read, feel sorry for,you, such a terribly experience,. Yes, I thought PayPay was the safest of all. Hope all works it.

  6. Oh Di. I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope they catch them and they are punished as much as the law allows. And you get back everything they stole from you! This is just too scary for words.


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