Saturday, March 2, 2013


I kinda hit the 'floor' running today--
to the sewing room to stitch on this fabric--
Yep--the color for this months block is 'orange'--
and guess who did not have any orange in her stash????
so this is what I did buy on my 2nd trip overtown yesterday--
I did hear a commotion this morning as I was taking this photo--
and it was the bunnies--
They kindly reminded me that I love bunnies and Easter--
and therefore 'orange' wasn't just for pumpkins and fall--
so they had to show me how much they love orange!!!
Then-- off to the sewing room--
Well--Alice chook look at that block that Di make--
what do you know--she got it stitched and didn't even have to run to the bathroom!!!
Yep--Lola chook--and look--she even found and used some orange elephants--
but I thought when one was 'drunk' on life that you seen 'pink' elephants???
No--Alice chook--when one is drunk on wine one see's pink elephants--
but drunk on sewing with orange fabric--the elephants are orange!!!!!

Also while I was at the quilt shop yesterday the clerk asked me if my name was---
Diane and I said 'yes' and she said--
Here--I seen this sitting here--for you!!!
OH--and when she handed it to me--it did feel heavy--
so of course I had to open it--
and look what it is--
a pair of pink handled scissors--
someone remembered my story of someone stealing my pink handled scissors--
and gifted me a pair--and guess what---these cut even better than the pair that got stolen!!!!
the owner Sue, said she would see that the 'giver' was thanked--oh how that  made my day--
as you--remember what happened to me yesterday--
(and yes those 2 withdrawals are still on the bank account--booo!!!!)

But guess what else got done already for March--
The second strip for the Wiggles sal--I just love doing this strips--
and as you can see--I even found a way to display and photo them!!!

One more thing to show you--
while at the quilt shop yesterday--
something else ended up hoppin into my bag--
a new pattern--
I have been falling in love with bicycle patterns for about a year now--
have a counted cross stitch one to do, too--someday!!!!

that's all for today--blog friends--
you all have a great day tomorrow--ok????
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I love your orange fabrics! I think orange is my new favorite color! Your Wiggly Whimsy strips look great too! :0)

  2. You've been busy! Love the orange fabrics...some are also in my stash. Your block looks great and the bunnies are so cute! Your Wiggly strip is so bright and colorful!

  3. What a cute pattern. I too love bicycle themed patterns. Did you know that it's part of a bigger quilt? That orange block is so nice and it was wonderful that you were the recipient of someone's act of kindness. The whimsy quilt is coming along - little by little.

  4. All your orange is pretty and the block turned out really cute animals. I am having visions of drunk chickens--hee hee hee! Now I need to catch up with you tomorrow.

  5. Orange is my absolute favourite colour. The elephant fabric is so adorable :)

  6. What a lovely and well deserved surprise!!! You see, delightful things happen in and among the not so delightful, I sure hope your bank will reimburse you the money that was taken from your account!!!!
    Your orange block is very whimsical, I haven't been a fan or orange ( when I was a kid my mother had orange curtains, orange couch, orange everywhere, so you see how it was LOL!) I hated orange, but then I discovered 'cheddar' in my reproduction fabrics and sort of let orange into my life, now I'm sort of OK with orange LOL!!!!! sort of......LOL!
    Have a great weekend Di!!!!

  7. I love your orange fabric. It makes me happy looking at it. What a kind and generous thing your unknown friend left for you at the shop. Also, I'm sorry about your bank account. I hope it can be corrected. I was not aware paypal had been hacked into. Take care, Nola

  8. Hi Di. I am sitting here drooling over your orange fabric. I absolutely LOVE it. Your block looks so pretty, too, with all tne fabrics. I am glad you had a great day. It was so sweet for that person to give you the scissors. There is so much evil in this world, but I think tnere are so many good people that we can overcome the bad. Hope everything works out for you! Have a great weekend.

  9. Such beautiful oranges. They do look like they are ready for Easter.


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