Wednesday, March 20, 2013


and I have some new flowers growing in my garden--
actually this is from last week!!!
this one is new--think there was enough different dolls to make 3 of these--
with Spring comes Easter--so here is some bunny's getting the eggs ready!!!!

in the sewing room I went today--
that is --after a quick trip to the quilt shop--
I wanted more of this border print--
as it goes "perfect" with this quilt--but
she didn't have any--the salesclerk said to make this half the size and do a small inner border--
and we found a different color outer border fabric--
when I got the new border home--it screamed--
why is that--why does it look good in the store--but terrible when you get it home--
so I went with my plan from yesterday--
and used this one above with this one--
I did 2 borders with each fabric to get this--
I love this quilt--I was doing this to make a mini twister quilt--
but feel in love with just as it is--sooo--pretty---
will have to find some other ones for the twister one!!!!!

and here is my special quilt--
the center is a mini charm pack that Alice sent in a box of 'pressies'--
and so is the cute Scottie dog border--so I have named this quilt--
'My Alice" quilt--thank you Alice--
now to hand quilt it--
along with several small quilts I have done lately!!!

Now Monday was a white day--
and Monday and Tuesday were 'black' days!!!!
on Monday I got the new printer--
it is an Epson and is all black!!!
and I spent 5-6 hours between the two days trying to get it working!!!?????
I finally deleted everything to do with it--
and reloaded the disc and redid it and in 15 minutes or less--
it was working--and it prints beautifully--
but I was too frustrated to post--
and now I have messed up the other programs and toolbars on my computer--
so I am lost most of the time--but I will not give up--
I just might still loss it all out the window--???????

I also almost have another sewing project done--
and have a counted cross stitch finished for the stitching--
more to come---
hugs, Di and that miss gracie


  1. Okay, these are the cutest flowers ever! The mouse is my favorite! Where did you find that fabric? I am making klosjes and this would be so cute for one.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I love the little mice. Your quilt with the two border fabrics looks great. Spring will be here soon - - won't it?

  3. Oh, those flowers are all lovely. What cute fabric you found, so full of spring ideas.

  4. Very cute hexie-flowers!!! Great solution to the 'border problem'. Isn't it frustrating at times trying to do 'new' computer stuff??!!Glad you sorted it (well, pretty much!) in the end.

  5. I really love your flowers. you use such great fabrics for them. It is very hard to get good fussy cut fabrics here in Aussie.
    Yes I like the two different borders on your quilt.
    What a sweet Alice quilt too.
    Your flowers look pretty.

  6. Oh good, you're back - was starting to wonder :-)
    Love the mouse hexie and the new quilts.
    can't see why they say the first day of spring - we had more snow, too! I want green grass and pretty flowers :-)

  7. Your little twister that wasn't is very cute, love the fabrics, and I love the two-fabric border too, sometimes make-do works a treat!!!!! Those little 'mice' hexies, just darling!!!!!

  8. Love the fabric very cute mice hexies !!!!!!!

  9. A lovely post Di, love your spring flowers. Both quilts are wonderful, the red border turned out well. I love that fabric too!

  10. Too cute hexies! I like the two toned border--hadn't thought of that. It might come in handy one day when I am about to have a border tantrum. I like your Alice quilt--thank you.
    Hope the computer is behaving today.

  11. What sweet flowers! What will you make with them?


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