Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments--
how can I sleep the rest of the month away--
I would miss you all too much--
So I press onward--
and it is Wednesday--
Hexie day--
Yep--I do Believe that I will rejoin you all--
And who needs an alarm clock--
I have an alarm Cat!!!
she got me up at 6:15--5 minutes before the alarm this morning--
what I won't tell you =is how many times she got me up during the night!!!!!:-(
OH no--I took a photo of the wrong hexie--already had one of this one--
the cats--
well--tomorrow is another day for photos!!!

I got another 'time out' knitting project finished--
a Pair of light lavender socks--
Now to actually 'wear' them!!!

And I got a delightful box in the mail on Monday--
A great Valentine gift assortment--
and yes that bag of chocolate has already been opened--
Miss gracie did it--and one of the chocolate bars is nearly vanished!!!!!
But please note that there is other things besides candy here--
and it is just as sweet--
a regular sized charm pack-- a mini sized charm pack,
3 crocheted dollies, and some note paper--
and also in the box was--
an assortment of pieces of kids prints for my Anne and me to share--
this is my pile--do you know what I am going to do with these?????
and a much lager pile went to Anne for her baby quilts--
and there was 4 great reading quilting magazines in there too--
all from a wonderful friend--Alice--thank you--needed this 'pick me up' this week!!!

Yes--I did get to the dentist this morning bright and early--
drove an hour down and he just file

And I got a call on Monday evening to join some friends to go see a movie--
and I went--good for me!!
we seen--Identity Thief--and it was a delightful movie--
just my cup of tea!!!!

and yesterday while doing the laundry--
(yep--life goes on even with 'bad' teeth!!!)
I found a good book on the shelf so started reading it last night--
and I finished it this afternoon--just before nap time!!!

And I did watch the Nascar race on Sunday and started a new embroidery item--
so I have been busy--
and have wore the pedometer every day--
today's wasn't as high as Monday and Tuesday--
must have been all that book reading!!!???

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Cute lady bug and cat hexies and wonderful gifts you received. By the way, there is something wrong with your link on One-Flower Wednesday. You have an apostrophe in there so the link is not working.

  2. How cute are those hexie flowers..
    Oh lucky you to receive such a lovely gifts..

  3. Your hexies are so cute!!! I love the socks, they look so lady like. Glad you like the goodies. I know you guys will put all of the fabrics to good use.

  4. Love your hexies they are so cute. Great gifts .!!!!!!

  5. I do love that cat hexie! And the socks look nice and warm.
    Lovely gifts - how nice :-)

  6. So glad you are still with us and not sleeping LOL!!!! Those lavender socks are delightful!!!
    Oh! how I know when the feline of the house wants to get up and going, she is not going to let anyone off the hook, we all have to get up LOL!!!! Glad your dentist appointment went well, so did my did dog's, Tia, she had her dental work done at the vet today, now minus one tooth, and all good this evening, even ate a small soft meal, but she's still a bit sleepy still from the anaesthetic!!!!!

  7. Hi Di. It sounds like you had a great day today So maybe things are getting better.
    The hexies are really cute, especially the cat one.Wouldn't it be cute to have a whole quilt made with all cat hexies?

  8. Cute flowers!!!! The cat one is fabulous and the lavender socks!


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