Monday, March 4, 2013


but I am not saying that you might not find some 'orange' in them--
The bunnies decided to do some shopping last Friday--
and look what showed up in today's mail--
Oh my--what you bunnies got there????
And do I see some orange on the first one???
Do you think that 'Di' is gonna learn to like orange if you bunnies stay around long enough????

Oh and now you are trying to "butter" me up by buying me flowers!!!!!

And I managed to get the embroidery stitched for the pincushion for this month's sal--
while watching the race--or at least the first half--
was terribly cold down stairs and had to come up when my driver blew out a tire!!!
Now to find time to finish it--
maybe Wednesday I can get back into the sewing room!!!!

Just some notes--
~~~went and signed the paper work on the money that was stolen/hacked from my account--
      today at the bank--
~~~~stopped at the quilt shop and showed the owner how the orange block came out--
~~~~~~stopped at the yarn shop and seen Mr. Odie--he was laid back today and did let me hold him--
              but he also let me know that I am not on his #1 list anymore--guess that is a good thing really!!
~~~~~~~~think I finally got somewhere's with the printer issue--but first they say I have to send them
                      this printer that doesn't work and then they will 'release' the warranty money!!!
~~~~~~~~~~and I now have 19 on the walking program for here--
                         and then a couple of you in blog land who are joining me--that starts next Monday the 10th-

Well-I may not post tomorrow only time and energy will tell as late tomorrow is the dentist appointment to fix the front tooth--so think of me then!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie
Ps I think a bunny got loose==has anyone seen it????


  1. Busy day for you Di. Love your new yarn. Sorry about the dentist, get it over with then you can do some sewing perhaps.

  2. I will think of you tomorrow and you can think of me on Thursday when I have to go. Yucky!!! Those cute little bunnies have been keeping you very busy. You should be tired.

  3. Great yarn - what are you making?
    Have found my pedometer and am in training :-)
    good luck at the dentist's!

  4. Hope all you are juggling works out! Best wishes on your dentist appt! If we ever get some pretty weather hope to begin walking again.

  5. Hi Di. Hope everything goes well at the dentist today.
    WOW. your yarn is so pretty. The colors look like Spring. Do you have a project in mind? Or do you collect yarn like I collect fabric--you buy it because you like it and decide later what you will use it for.
    I would like to start walking again. The weather has been so bad and I just haven't been in the mood. But I know that it is good for me so maybe I need to start back.
    Hope your day turns out to be great. Hugs.

  6. OH! MY! Those yarns are just gorgeous, and with our Winter just around the corner I start looking at yarns, although I have plenty left over from last year to keep me busy this season!!!!
    Love your little stitchery too, very cute design.
    Glad to hear you and the bank are working on getting your money back, hope that doesn't take too long!! Best of luck with the dentist, and how nice to see Odie! Take care!!


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