Sunday, March 17, 2013


on to next????
Today the color was 'green'
but for my area--
the color for tomorrow is to be--
as in snow and cold and ice!!!!
Oh well-it is still March--the month where anything can happen!!
weather wise!!!!

the last few days--
I have been busy--
but they have been what I call--piddly days---
I did a bit of 'piddling' on this project--
and a bit of 'piddling' on that project--
and therefore--I have lots of  bits done on several projects--
but 'no' finishes yet!!!!
Maybe this week I can get some finished to show you!!!
Hey one can always hope!!!! :-)
And I think that Easter is next--
and that is one colorful Holiday--
so here's hopping to you to get some sewing done!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Good luck with getting some of your projects finished. Hugs.....

  2. Favorite color is green. Favorite thing is bunnies! Soooooooooo, I love this post! :)

  3. Sometimes it's nice to just 'piddle' around with a few projects. In the end it's all toward a completion. Have a nice week!!!

  4. Hi Di. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I have had a terrible headache and haven't felt like doing anything. It has been very hard to concentrate. You have two of my favorite things on your blog today-a very cute teddy bear and the color green! Love it.
    Hope everything is going well with you. I expect to see tons of stuff on yourblog the next time around. Ha Ha. Have a great night. Take care.


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