Monday, April 29, 2013


how to sew--
isn't that great news?????
I finished the wall/door hanging today--
for Chookyblues monthly challenge--
I did the embroidery blocks a couple weeks ago--
and then I have only knitted here and there and--
cleaned and organized and decluttered--
so "why" is my home such a mess?????

Yesterday I also worked on finally blocking the shawls--
I had 3 to do--
this was   the oldest one--
that was waiting patiently for me to block it--
and it was a long winged one--but I managed--
then I did this one--
it is the latest one and I kinda designed it as I went along--
and today I did this one--
yep--I finally have a pretty pink one!!!
and here is my little garden--
I think that 'Di' needs to give it a bit of attention--
one of these days????
Yep--we can say that it is now Spring----
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


Thursday, April 25, 2013

OFF TO A ?????

had hoped to have a good start today--
but then when I opened the glass door to the desk--
this happened---
a plant just 'jumped' off the top of it---
to the floor--
luckily--it did not hit me in the head or land on my toes!!!
so now I get to show you how to clean dirt off a carpet---
this little broom and dust pan get alot of use around here--
so I used it first to sweep up as much of the dirt as I could and put it back into the plant pot--
before I run the cleaner--
now back to work--
Here is where I am at tonight--
on top of my cupboard I had a row of wood bird houses--
John in maintenance came and got them down for me today and wiped down the top for me--
then slowly this afternoon I moved a piece here,
 and there to see how I liked it--
and under the table cloth is the drop leaf table and it is just too big for this apt so I need to find it a new owner!!!
see if you can spot something else I did today in this photo????

and look at who showed up in the new plants--
the cutest frog--perfect!!!!

and I got a prezzie in the mail today--
aren't these sweet and this package is from--
Joy--thank you so much Joy!!!!

And how are my stitchers doing on the last two months challenge of making 'kitchen' items??????????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


put this--
hang that--
place what where--
oh my--
What do I want to get rid of--
what do I want to keep--
and what do I want to use now?????
and about color--
what colors do I want to work with where--
and why do I always have the things I really want to use--
but for where I want to use them---
they are the wrong, wrong, color?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, April 22, 2013


by myself---
I almost bought a glass dish to put my 2 African violet plants in--
at the thrift store for $15 the other day--
then remembered that I had 2 glass loaf bread pans--
and the light bulb went off--
and as I got one out of the cupboard today--
a second light bulb went off--
and I rushed into the sewing room and found some lace--
and decorated the loaf pan--
so here is the newly decorated end of my desk!!!!

and the postman brought me a package today--
Is this panel not cuteeeee-----
and Sunny do you see what the heart on the bottom hem of Santa's coat says!!!!
I just spotted that now myself!!!
and here is a cute border print of it--
and these 3 go with the panel--
what I really wanted though was just the Santa face fabric for a project--
but who can stop at just one piece in this line???????

and here is how that dinning room area looks tonight--
Hey--where did everything go--Di????
Psss--don't tell anyone--but now you should see my sewing room!!!!!
that cleaning fairy just moves things from one room to the next!!!!!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well--it's Saturday again and it is nearly ended itself--
so that means that half of the week end is gone!!!!
I do have some photos of what I have been up to lately-
in the moving furniture--organizing depts--
here is the  before--
well--not totally--I had already moved the old sewing machine base to this wall for the TV set--
and had moved the tiered stand over by it that was beside my rocker--
then this morning I did some more movin'
ahhh--much better--
but I could not take looking at the mess of wires-
my goodness--but electronics take a bunch of wires--
here's the before--
so I called lil sister up and put here on 'speaker' phone and visited with her while I tried to straighten it out and sort it out more--
I guess it looks better--and know I do know what goes to what--so guess that is good--
but of course you could still see the wires when I moved the stand back--
Now my old music stand that I use for  quilts sits next to it--no wires--yessss!!!!
but ah--what happened to the other side of this room--
opppps--if I didn't know better I would think that a future 'hoarder' lived here!!!!
this was to have gotten done this afternoon--
a girl friend called and she had to go the shopping plaza--30 miles from here--
and wanted to know if I wanted to ride along and go to Petsmart for things for miss gracie--
so now miss gracie has lots of kitty litter and the good food and now I am broke!!!!!

Had fun with the new Tv cable yesterday and watched   some programs most of the day--
like American Pickers, hoarders, animal rescue for New York City--!!!
Love, Di and Miss gracie

Thursday, April 18, 2013


And just how much organizing is maybe toooo much organization?????
Any more questions on what I have been up too?????
and for cleaning--
I think that I must be doing that too fast--
or maybe too slow????
cause as fast as I am doing it--
a layer of dust re-appears!!!!
do you think I am doing something wrong???????

Oh Boy--
on top of trying to get my 'house' in order--
and that 'stress'--
this week we have had lots of other stress in all our lives--

So many --
tears for so many people--
all ages have been hurt--
so today-this week and onward--
my heart will be sad and cry some silent tears and say some healing prayers--
for those in Boston and those in Texas--
and I also hear we have some weather problems of concern in Chicago and
the surrounding areas--
God be with you!!!

Love, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I made a decision yesterday---
I have went most of my life--
especially my adult hood life--
with out one of these--
I mean I am using one right now--but it is hooked up to the computer and is
my screen !!
and when we did have TV while the kids where at home --
it was this size==
and we never had cable--
but come Friday morning I will have this all hooked up!!!
I am still not sure--
but I have enjoyed watching Nascar--
and it is hard to go downstairs to watch it--
way too many people in and out of the community room!!!!
So --
now my big 'fear' is that I will have it on all the time!!!!??????

back to our regular scheduled program--
I have been doing some sewing things--
working on the cc stitch ornament for April--
have the embroidery work done on the 3 panels for the Chookyblue challenge--
been knitting some too--
OH my==
and talk about knitting--do I dare show you????
My local shop is having a sale--
like 40% off allllll yarn--
now I know that I just cleaned out my yarn stash--
but really 40% off and we still don't know if there will be a yarn shop in town after Sept--
one needs to take advantage of these things--
so here is what I purchased in the last two days--
a pretty creamy yellow--2 skeins for a shawl!!!!
and a pretty shiny Kid mohair I have admired for awhile now--
Black and White all cotton for a shell--
and these colors of the cotton for a shawl--
Hi Odie--
here he is sleeping in his bed on the counter at the yarn shop--
he is such a neat cat!!!!
And I did get all my quilt type patterns organized today and I put  them in large plastic folders--
now to find how to store them this way????
and got all the holiday decorations resorted and downsized--
now there's Christmas yet to downsize !!!!!
Happy Spring day to everyone--
hugs, di and a whinny Miss Gracie today!!!!!

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