Monday, April 1, 2013


Stop at an old lady's home--
Ok--is the bunny pulling a 'trick' on me--
or--Miss Gracieeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????
At least they both know that I love 'pink'!!!

Ahhh--this is better--
much better--

And guess who helped the Easter bunny--
none other than my friend--Alice--
thank you Alice for making me feel like a 'kid' again--
I just love everything--oh and that solid chocolate bar--yummmy!!!!!

I did try to be good today and do some sewing--
did another row on the Whiggly quilt--
today's is on the far right--
but for some reason it came out short!!!???? hummmmmm??????

well--it's late for me to be on here tonight--
so need to go---
hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. I wonder why your third row is shorter? How strange!

  2. Wow! A visit from the Easter Bunny!! Aren't YOU special!?

  3. Oh your Easter Bunny brought some lovliey gifts..
    Love the mice fabric. great for hexies..

  4. Looks as though the Easter Bunny got lost and stopped by your house a few times LOL!!!! Lucky you!!
    Your wiggley quilt is going to look great when it's done! I have seen Terry's, from 'Terry's Treasures' blog, just a great simple design, but very effective!!!

  5. Glad you are enjoying your goodies. And you are being a good girl and sewing quick as usual. As soon as I get this quilt done, I will busy on that and kitchen things!!!
    Oh and I love the cow!!


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