Thursday, April 25, 2013

OFF TO A ?????

had hoped to have a good start today--
but then when I opened the glass door to the desk--
this happened---
a plant just 'jumped' off the top of it---
to the floor--
luckily--it did not hit me in the head or land on my toes!!!
so now I get to show you how to clean dirt off a carpet---
this little broom and dust pan get alot of use around here--
so I used it first to sweep up as much of the dirt as I could and put it back into the plant pot--
before I run the cleaner--
now back to work--
Here is where I am at tonight--
on top of my cupboard I had a row of wood bird houses--
John in maintenance came and got them down for me today and wiped down the top for me--
then slowly this afternoon I moved a piece here,
 and there to see how I liked it--
and under the table cloth is the drop leaf table and it is just too big for this apt so I need to find it a new owner!!!
see if you can spot something else I did today in this photo????

and look at who showed up in the new plants--
the cutest frog--perfect!!!!

and I got a prezzie in the mail today--
aren't these sweet and this package is from--
Joy--thank you so much Joy!!!!

And how are my stitchers doing on the last two months challenge of making 'kitchen' items??????????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. I love the colors in your room! I finished my kitchen project this month - a potato bag. Unfortunately, It went up in flames. But I did make it. And I got one of those wonderful little packages from Joy today, too! Awesome!!

  2. Naughty plant!!! Never fails when you are on a roll something comes crashing down. Everything looks so pretty. Don't over do now and wear yourself out too much.
    Enjoy your goodies--I love that thread.

  3. Glad you escaped injury from that vicious plant LOL!!! Love drop leaf tables, but yes they can take up quite a bit of space, hope you find an appreciative home for it!!
    Lovely goodies from Arabia!!!

  4. Hi Di. i really like the color of that room. It is very soft looking. I have been cleaning and trying to get rid of some things (UMMM--wonder where I got that from) I still have tons of things to do. I am going to clean each room as I go, so if I don't drop by in a while, you will know why. I would like to do some painting, but I don't know if I can hold out to do that or not. Oh well, if I just get some cleaning done, I will be happy. Take care and I will try to talk to you soon.


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