Wednesday, April 3, 2013


For the month of April --for our block--
and I had to do some hunting--
but was able to get them all from my stash!!!
I have very little fabric in green greens--
I use mostly ivy color greens!!!!
but do like how this block came out--
and my new Easter Bunny helped me display for you!!!

And then me and the frog became friends for the afternoon--
and we frogged the last strip that came out too short--
row by row--
then as I frogged each block--out here in the rocker--
I would take it to the sewing machine and stitch it back together again!!!
Why--needed some walking steps on the 'meter' today!!
and when done--it now looks like this--
Yes-- all three are now the right length---
I had discovered when I did the green block that my needle position had gotten moved and was therefore giving me a larger seam allowance than the 1/4"--go figure!!!

So two projects for this month are done--
then later this afternoon I got the cross stitch out for getting things ready for the Christmas ornament for April--
and this is the one I picked!!!
but also discovered that I had to do an order for more 28ct cloth--done!!!!
Oh I love to shop on the Internet!!!!!

And then I worked on this project--
getting some 'prize' gifts ready to mail for the "most comments winners" in January!!!
I am slow--and that is just me--I have decided--but hopefully gals these will be in the mail tomorrow!!!!

And here is what I have been working on since Sunday--
I filled these 2 notebooks with all the pages that I stealrip from my magazines!!!

there is just pretty pictures on some pages--
some are information pages I want to look back on --
some are decorating ideas that I have been saving for along time--
they are all in pages now and I have created my own--coffee table books--
they are not 'organized' yet by category's--that is next years project--
we don't want to get too organized all in one year-now do we??????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. I like your green block and all the fun prints you used. You have certainly been busy! Nola

  2. Nice green block! And glad you put on an other row to make the 3 lengths alike! :-)

  3. Love that green block!!! It looks like a very modern block, like some I've seen in books about modern quilts etc. Great work!!!
    Glad you sorted out that seam allowance problem LOL!!! From where I was looking I couldn't work it out at all LOL!!!!!

  4. Nice bold block Di! I love your coffee table book also... I think it's a great idea. And random is good... always interesting:)

  5. Busy busy girl as usual. Love the green block and I am glad that you figured out what was up with the wiggle strips. Everything is just gorgeous.


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