Monday, April 8, 2013


Yep--it is that kind of time--
I am doing some thinking and some soul searching--
and what it comes down to is---
the fact that I need to 'refind' me!!!!
now don't panic here--
keep reading-----

After you attend so many different classes--
read so many blog sites--
talk to so many friends--
read so many magazines and books--
I think we loose ourselves--
cause the message we are consistently  getting is--

Step out of your comfort zone--get alittle wild here--try this or that--
on and on and after a few years you look at your fabric stash --

and you say--
opps--where is the fabrics with the colors and designs that I am comfortable with--
where have I gone during this last phase of thinking beyond my comfort zone?????
Why am I making these quilts or craft projects and then deciding they are not me--
nor do they fit in my home--
why am I spending so much time, money, energy on projects that are--
yes, maybe fun to make cause someone else made one too--
but--it doesn't fit home or me--
so I need to find someone to give them too---
and not that that is a bad thing to give things away--
and we do need to make things for others--

but when I am making things for others--I want to be thinking of that person and using fabrics that they will like and that will go in there homes--
and then one has to wonder--
what is it they do like --as they are out there doing the same thing--
making things out of their comfort zone--tooooo!!!!

Now, I am not saying that we should learn new ways and new tools--
but I think from now on for me--
I am cleaning out and getting rid of fabrics and projects that just are not me--

So what do you think????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Hi Di. You are absolutely right. You need to be true to yourself. If you have things that you are not comfortable with, then having them around isn't going to make you happy.You need to do whatever it takes to make it right for you. So good luck to you in whatever you do.
    Have a great week.(Big Hug)

  2. That sounds like a good idea Di. You should make things you like and want to display in your home. Maybe you could trade with someone.

  3. I hear what you are saying; maybe that's why some projects are destined to be UFOs forever. Carol has a good idea - trading unwanted unloved projects would be a good idea.

  4. Well, you should most definitely make quilts that you like and feel comfortable with and around. I think you will find folks will want them because the quilts remind them of you! As soon as you figure out exactly what you want to do and do it, watch out...some are going to want it. Here is a saying that is a part of me....Those who mind, don't matter. Those who matter, don't mind.


  5. You need to be true to you and your muse. Don't worry about missing the boat per say, just go with what you like. After all you want to fill your home with the things you like. No different with quilts. They should be made with the fabrics that truly speak to you and not someone else. I am a lover of all bold, bright and scream at me color and pattern kinda gal. For several years I tried to like civil war fabrics to no avail. I gave all that fabric stash away and now my stash contains those fabrics that speak to me. I feel so much better.:) I know you will too.

  6. So true, Di. Fabrics that aren't really me seem to stay in my stash forever...
    Go with what you like and enjoy your work!
    Hugs to you and Ms Gracie

  7. I understand exactly what you're saying. Sometimes I try to run with the 'popular' crowd, but the fabric just gets pushed to the back of the closet, because it's just not 'me'. "Do what you like, and like what you do".

  8. True,true and hugs to both of you:))

  9. Probably why my UFO pile is so big or that could be the fact that I have a short attention span???? Need to start the spring cleaning because it is summer temps out there right now and it is only going to get hotter.

  10. I absolutely agree with you Di!! There are so many distractions out there in shops and blogland, but ultimately you have to express who you really are and be content to 'admire' and 'walk away'!!! I do that, I stick to what I love, but it doesn't stop me from appreciating lots of different things that other people do! I just don't have to have these things live at my house! Indeed, have a clean out, tidy up and stick to the things that gladden your heart and make your home the way you want it!!

  11. Right there with ya sister. Went through the same thought process a few years ago. It feels so good now.


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