Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well--it's Saturday again and it is nearly ended itself--
so that means that half of the week end is gone!!!!
I do have some photos of what I have been up to lately-
in the moving furniture--organizing depts--
here is the  before--
well--not totally--I had already moved the old sewing machine base to this wall for the TV set--
and had moved the tiered stand over by it that was beside my rocker--
then this morning I did some more movin'
ahhh--much better--
but I could not take looking at the mess of wires-
my goodness--but electronics take a bunch of wires--
here's the before--
so I called lil sister up and put here on 'speaker' phone and visited with her while I tried to straighten it out and sort it out more--
I guess it looks better--and know I do know what goes to what--so guess that is good--
but of course you could still see the wires when I moved the stand back--
Now my old music stand that I use for  quilts sits next to it--no wires--yessss!!!!
but ah--what happened to the other side of this room--
opppps--if I didn't know better I would think that a future 'hoarder' lived here!!!!
this was to have gotten done this afternoon--
a girl friend called and she had to go the shopping plaza--30 miles from here--
and wanted to know if I wanted to ride along and go to Petsmart for things for miss gracie--
so now miss gracie has lots of kitty litter and the good food and now I am broke!!!!!

Had fun with the new Tv cable yesterday and watched   some programs most of the day--
like American Pickers, hoarders, animal rescue for New York City--!!!
Love, Di and Miss gracie


  1. I know what you mean about the cables and cords. I don't think there is an answer to them except try to hide them behind furniture. Hugs....

  2. It's always good to have a bit of a move-about, get things re-organised and cosy. Glad you've had fun with your new tv!!!!

  3. My rule is no open furniture pieces that house or have electronics sit up on it! Congrats on your own TV ! Have fun watching your fav programs!

  4. It is looking good in there and you will get it sorted I am sure. Just don't forget to turn on the TV when it is race time.
    Don't work too hard!!

  5. Hi Di. I think you did a wonderful job. Everything Looks very good--all neat and tidy. There is some thingy that you can get to go over your wires so they will be held together and look tidy, but I don't know what it is called. Mine are just all over the place. I hate them, too.
    Hope your day is going great! Don't work too hard.

  6. Hi Di, glad you are enjoying your new tv. LOL at watching Hoarders! I can't stomach that show. I think hanging quilts is a good way to hide all the wires.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

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