Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I think--
must have been that last birthday!!!
but I feel as slow as a 'turtle' these days!!
And have been having some 'flare-ups' with some health issues on top of it--
or because of it!!!!
But here is some updates on things--
I have gotten all 5 rows of the SKOW from last year in Chookyblues challenge all hand quilted--
now to start sewing the rows together and finish it!!!!
I have continued to unclutter and get rid of and to reorganize what I am keeping and am nearly done on that project!!
the maintenance staff here has come in and washed the windows and put the air conditioner in the window and have shampooed the carpet--more spring cleaning things done!!!
but each job has taken time away from my 'to do list'!!!
I have not even been to the quilt shop since the first of the month--
did stop in yesterday, when I was finally well enough to venture away from the apartment, to the yarn shop to visit for a minute or two,
 and yes I was able to make it out empty handed!!!!
Then I stopped at my favorite Country shop and--there--
I was 'lucky' as a rabbit hopped home with me--
I just love this bunny -  such a cute whimsical look on her face--
also stopped at the thrift store across the street--
and picked out these 3 items--
I have a small chair collection for the little chair and of course I love roses--
and that little car flower container is just sooooo cute!!!
And while out and about yesterday--
I did snap some photos-
It is chilly and rainy here today--
but they are saying in the 90's degrees by Friday--ouch!!!!
Hope everyone is well and getting alot of gardening done--
OHHHHHHH--forgot to tell you the 'great' news--
Office Ann the Administrator is no longer here--she was terminated last Wednesday morning!!!
She really needed to be let go within the first month, or less, that she was hired here--
over 5 1/2 years ago!!!  and that is my story (along with most everyone else here) and I am,(we are) sticking to it, folks!!!!  So now I am asking for prayer for our next Administrator--thanks!
Hugs, di and that miss gracie

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I got my baskets for the new wood cupboard--
and I did a good job on the amount for each shelf and the size--
the large one on the bottom holds my counted cross stitch--
some are 'wip's' and some are wanna a bee's!!!
and the lamp is now working--a friend fixed it and it now also holds a 3-way bulb--
and that is really nice!!!
and some one seemed to have ordered a yard of this fabric when she ordered the baskets from Joann's!!!  Miss Gracie are you using my computer again?????

Last week I got the fans all out--
I have a very hot apartment--
and I kept hearing a 'bell' tinkle--
kept wondering if the 'angels' where calling me home--
then I looked up and this is what I found--
there is a little bell on the one quilt on the wall behind the computer here--
this is a school house block--
it really was kinda 'funny' hearing it ring!!!!!


And let all of us take some time and pray for those who lost so much this the last couple days in the storms--
Hugs, to all--
di and miss gracie

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love Lilac's--outside--
I can not bring them inside though --allergy's!!!
this pretty pink bush is in a  corner wall of a Church--
What a beautiful shade of pink--
Same house--
and again the same home--
Can you tell what these blooms are????
They are horse-chestnut blossoms!!!
and the tree is huge--huge--huge that has these!!!
and some little white star flowers planted around a street pole!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


doing some stitching---
first --
I did get row 5 all hand quilted of the SKOW-
from Chookyblues challenge last year--
and I have gotten row 4 back out to do the between the blocks hand quilting and up the sides!!!

and I have gotten the embroidery stitching done--
this sampler that was a gift a couple years ago now--
this bunny love one--now to finish them both off!!!

and the chocolate one I have decided will be a traveling pattern--
so whom would like to stitch it next???????

Love, Di and miss gracie

Sunday, May 12, 2013


you love something and care for something--
you need not give birth to be a mother--

you could be a mother to a pet--

 or even 'mother' a flower garden--

I believe we all 'nurture' something--


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Tuesdays as you know by now it My Anne's day--
to come to quilt--or run around and go out to lunch--
and that explains part of this picture--
I got '4' jars of Organic applesauce---yumm!!!
and '4' bars of my chocolate--yummmy!!!
and '3' cans of cat food--great flavor--
for miss gracie--Anne didn't want her to feel left out!!!
and some cash--
which did not take me long to depart with--
we went to a great Greenhouse down the road a bit--
and some great plants came out with me to come home--
2 more cactus plants--
can you see the black feathery flower on this round one???
it is so different and fuzzy!!
the stripped leaf plant in the background is a cactus plant too!!!
and this beautiful red red begonia --
really pretty double blooms  pink snapdragons for the outside garden--
and 2 ferns--one is a lemon fern!!!!
We had lunch at Mr.Chickens and I had --chicken and biscuits--yumm!!!

Now back to Monday--
Denise and I stopped at my Anne's on the way to  Elmira to give her a pile of cookbooks left over from Denise's rummage sale--and it was perfect timing as Anne's tulips where in full bloom--
and she has lots of different ones--
and lots of different colors--and I had my camera with me--yea!!!!
That's Anne on the left and Denise on the right--
and a larger view of just one of her gardens!!!!
and look at what was hanging on Anne's clothes line!!!!

See ya soon--
love, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Just how much I love you all and ..
how much you all mean to me????

Well--I am saying it now--
I love you all --and you all mean the world to me--
so thanks so much for always being here for me!!!

Ok--lets try to do some catching up here--
I am still slowly--very slowly some days--
still working on cleaning and organizing and decorating--
Ohh--Di that looks like a new old cabinet there between the couch and rocker???
where did you get that???

Most of last week end was watching the races--
but I did work done here and there and will get some more photos of that--
And Monday was a big day--
a Birthday even--

for me--
girl friend and I went to Salvation Army to drop off some left overs from her rummage sale she had over the week end and as I walked in the back door helping her--
I spotted this--
this is solid wood and heavy--
the shelves look dark and stained in this photo-but they are not really that way!!!!
and better yet--was only $6.99--can you believe that????
See there is the sticker!!!!
so you know it came home with me--
as I was looking for something to put right where it is now for all my sewing and knitting things to be by my rocker for me to get to quickly---
and I got these 2 items--
this is a small cup and saucer for the doll cabinet--
and this one had no saucer--but--
it has pink roses and was only 49 cents!!!
then we went here for lunch--
Yep--it was built a year and a half ago--
but was the first time I got there and I had shrimp--yummy!!!
I waddled out!!!
that is with this little man--
Then we just went to Petsmart for Miss gracie--
and Joanns for a minute!!

When I got home I had two 'pressies' waiting for me in the mail--
these wonderful gifts are from Shell, Harrington and Hannah at Raspberry Rabbits--
thanks again--love you !!!
and this wonderful assortment of gifts--
I did not have this pattern so that is delightful--
and don't you love the cat pin and those heart pins???

some great reading material for this summer--
and of course some chocolate--
and I think that miss gracie has opened one of these already and is enjoying some!!!!
and it all came gift wrapped--how delightful for me--
just loved unwrapping everything!!!
and this great package was from Alice in VA--
thanks again sooo much!!

stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of this story!!!
Love, di and miss gracie

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