Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I got my baskets for the new wood cupboard--
and I did a good job on the amount for each shelf and the size--
the large one on the bottom holds my counted cross stitch--
some are 'wip's' and some are wanna a bee's!!!
and the lamp is now working--a friend fixed it and it now also holds a 3-way bulb--
and that is really nice!!!
and some one seemed to have ordered a yard of this fabric when she ordered the baskets from Joann's!!!  Miss Gracie are you using my computer again?????

Last week I got the fans all out--
I have a very hot apartment--
and I kept hearing a 'bell' tinkle--
kept wondering if the 'angels' where calling me home--
then I looked up and this is what I found--
there is a little bell on the one quilt on the wall behind the computer here--
this is a school house block--
it really was kinda 'funny' hearing it ring!!!!!


And let all of us take some time and pray for those who lost so much this the last couple days in the storms--
Hugs, to all--
di and miss gracie


  1. The baskets look great holding everying neatly and keeping the cupboard looking tidy!!
    I love how that little bellon the quilt tinkled with the breeze from the fan, what an unexpected surprise!!!
    Indeed, such dreadful devestation in Oklahoma, we've been getting a lot of coverage here on tv about it. All those poor families who lots their loved ones and homes, unimaginable!!

  2. Lookin good at your house. Definitely need those fans, too bad that bell isn't calling the housekeeper.
    And yes, prayers are said for all those in OK.

  3. The baskets look great and are perfect for your cupboard. I think it's funny about your little bell. Who would have thought the breeze from the fans would move it enough to make a sound. My heart certainly goes out to those in Oklahoma. I can't begin to imagine how difficult this is for them. They are in my prayers. Nola

  4. Neat baskets! And Miss Gracie is getting really good on the computer - knows just what you like:-)
    Your comment on the bell made me laugh - glad you found out before Miss Gracie did!
    Have seen the damage from the tornado on the news, terrible.

  5. Glad you are all sorted in your baskets...;-)Cute bell! Miss Gracie is sure coming along with her pc skills!
    My heart breaks for the folks in OK. Just devastating.

  6. Sad, sad to read about OK. Nice to see the light and prayer.

  7. very neat and organize...makes your craft more enjoyable. Thanks so much for you kind encouraging words on my post...:)


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