Friday, May 3, 2013


I am sharing where I am 'at' on last years--
SKOW quilt project with Chookyblue--
I got the 5 rows of applique done on time--
but now is all the hand quilting on them--
Row 4 is now mainly finished as far as the blocks go--
so we are now ready to work on row 5--the last row--
slowly but surely-----it will come!!!!

And here is some updates on the redecorating--
first yesterday I went shopping at that favorite Country shop of mine--
and this wonderful basket came home to live with me and miss gracie-
the doliy and flowers I already had--
and this is where it will hang--
I got this garden trellis--years ago at a Church sale for $2--
and have used it in many different sittings since--

Yesterday I redid my corner cabinet--
it had all lambs and white iron stone pitchers in it before--

now here is the very top--
the crochet doily is really a place mat--
that my 'Granny" crocheted for me when I was only in my teens--
she did a set of 4 for me--

I love having my pink dishes out!!!

and this is what I

worked on today--
my old dry sink--
it is now all dusted and all the drawers are cleaned out--
that curtain though I think is time for something different--
just may have to go to the country shoppe tomorrow--
she as alot of the valances in now?????

well--am sorry about the snow that the mid west is getting--
but we have had snow here before in the first week of May--
only it was an inch or two!!!!!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Your SKOW row is looking awesome. Between that and all your rearranging you have been really busy. It is all looking very nice.

  2. Glad you are getting to the end of your SKOW quilt. Love all the changes you are doing. Hugs.....

  3. You are getting a lot done! Your sweet home will be all dressed up for the warm months soon!

  4. Just love your interior decorating, you have created such a lovely atmosphere with all your precious pieces, how nice to be able to enjoy those crochet items from your Grandmother, very special!!!!

  5. I wish I could visit and see your home - it looks so cosy. The SKOW row is looking great!
    hugs to you and Miss Gracie :-)

  6. Love your SKOW and your pink dishes! It's so fun to rearrange things. Makes you feel like you live in a new home.

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