Wednesday, May 15, 2013


doing some stitching---
first --
I did get row 5 all hand quilted of the SKOW-
from Chookyblues challenge last year--
and I have gotten row 4 back out to do the between the blocks hand quilting and up the sides!!!

and I have gotten the embroidery stitching done--
this sampler that was a gift a couple years ago now--
this bunny love one--now to finish them both off!!!

and the chocolate one I have decided will be a traveling pattern--
so whom would like to stitch it next???????

Love, Di and miss gracie


  1. Lots of great work on your projects Di...

  2. Yes you have been busy! Lovely stitching. I went to dentist for cleaning and my gal was from Horses Head NY think is what she said. Near you! How cool small world and all that jazz!

  3. Hi Di. Hope you are feeling well. I am almost through with my Spring cleaning. I have been going through things and getting rid of them as well as getting everything cleaned. I still need to go through the closets and clean my grandson's room. Everything is so hectic around here with him graduating next Fri. There are things to do almost every day. I can't believe that he is almost out of school. Where did the time go? Take care and I will get back to you soon.

  4. You have been extremely productive with all of your stitching and gardening and spring cleaning. I hope you are getting your chocolate and not just stitching it!!!


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