Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I think--
must have been that last birthday!!!
but I feel as slow as a 'turtle' these days!!
And have been having some 'flare-ups' with some health issues on top of it--
or because of it!!!!
But here is some updates on things--
I have gotten all 5 rows of the SKOW from last year in Chookyblues challenge all hand quilted--
now to start sewing the rows together and finish it!!!!
I have continued to unclutter and get rid of and to reorganize what I am keeping and am nearly done on that project!!
the maintenance staff here has come in and washed the windows and put the air conditioner in the window and have shampooed the carpet--more spring cleaning things done!!!
but each job has taken time away from my 'to do list'!!!
I have not even been to the quilt shop since the first of the month--
did stop in yesterday, when I was finally well enough to venture away from the apartment, to the yarn shop to visit for a minute or two,
 and yes I was able to make it out empty handed!!!!
Then I stopped at my favorite Country shop and--there--
I was 'lucky' as a rabbit hopped home with me--
I just love this bunny -  such a cute whimsical look on her face--
also stopped at the thrift store across the street--
and picked out these 3 items--
I have a small chair collection for the little chair and of course I love roses--
and that little car flower container is just sooooo cute!!!
And while out and about yesterday--
I did snap some photos-
It is chilly and rainy here today--
but they are saying in the 90's degrees by Friday--ouch!!!!
Hope everyone is well and getting alot of gardening done--
OHHHHHHH--forgot to tell you the 'great' news--
Office Ann the Administrator is no longer here--she was terminated last Wednesday morning!!!
She really needed to be let go within the first month, or less, that she was hired here--
over 5 1/2 years ago!!!  and that is my story (along with most everyone else here) and I am,(we are) sticking to it, folks!!!!  So now I am asking for prayer for our next Administrator--thanks!
Hugs, di and that miss gracie


  1. Miss Gracie looks like she is in timeout. Did she make you buy all those goodies?? If so you better let her out cause they are very cute. Sounds like you have worked hard enough to earn your tiredness.

  2. can't wait to see the quilt top together........

  3. Pleased you are feeling well enough to go out and about.
    Look forward to seeing the finished quilt too.

  4. Wait a minute - in one breath you say you're feeling well, and in the next you say you left the yarn shop empty handed. So which is it? That doesn't sound like the action of a well person!!! Pretty flowers! I hope they don't melt in the heat. We had a cool weekend, but it's supposed to be 90-ish the rest of the week. I prefer 70's, thank you very much.

  5. Wondered where you'd gone ... hope you are keeping well now. Imagine leaving a quilt shop emptyhanded!! Tell me the trick!

  6. Love your blue jeans :-) good luck with SKoW and all the best !

  7. Sounds like there is a story there Di!!! But I won't ask LOL!!!!! Hopefully your next administrator works out better!!!! I hope your health issues resolve Di! you take care of yourself and that Miss Gracie, now that some of the spring cleaning has been done you should be able to relax a bit!!!!
    Loved your photos and that little chair with the woven seat, just too cute!!!!!


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