Sunday, June 16, 2013


Found this clipping while cleaning out a desk drawer--
Retail Shopping---
The key to a long life:
Hit the mall!!!!!
Women who shop at least 5 days a week outlive
equally healthy non-shoppers!!!!
(from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finds.)
Whether you buy anything is immaterial--
Credit the exercise, stimulation and campanionship!!!!

This is my 'problem"====
I don't go overtown any more--
I don't need fabric, yarn, whatever--
and there is no kittens to play with--
Oh--that's right --there is---
and I used to do alot of that toooo--
I again don't really need any fabric, yarn, whatever's!!!!

Oh--it did say I didn't have to buy anything--
well--that is NO fun for me--
I like to see, feel and buy!!!!

So who wants to go shopping?????????????
Love, di and miss gracie


  1. I want to go shopping!! How about Thursday? I already passed through town and saw the Quilt Shop. You won't make me go all alone will you? In a strange town? Miles and miles from home?

  2. Sounds like that is a great idea. I love shopping but usually only go when I need something. Hugs....

  3. Nice to read another post from you Di, I have been wondering how you are, you've been a bit quiet lately! I don't have time to shop, unfortunately, work takes most of my time and on my days off I don't want to go anywhere much, stay home do chores and try and get in a little stitching. I definitely think it is the social companionship and execise that is the most important ingredients, what we buy while we're out unless they are necessities is immaterial, if you'll pardon the pun!!!! I must say though a planned day out with a couple of friends to the quilt shop is always fun!!!! Take care.....

  4. You have just made everyone's day!!
    Shopping is good for your health--Yee Haw!!!!
    I think I need some exercise!

  5. I wish I could shop every day! Sadly we live too far out of big city so gas used would put a dent in my shopn dollars of which I do not have a lot of these days! I try to save up for a day I have to be out so I can enjoy a bit of retail therapy!


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