Thursday, July 18, 2013


That could not wait for spring/summer--
I want to know if it is 'hot' enough for you??????

this muggy/humidity is not good--
I am as stuck inside now as I was this winter!!!!!
just not fair--:-(

I have gotten more done on the 4 embroidery pieces--
and today I did somehow manage to get the backing on another long wall hanging,
and am anxious to start working on hand quilting it this afternoon!!!!
Did the one on the bottom and the little one on the top!!!

What I want to know is--
why when we have such nice stashes --
that when we need backing or whatever--
we never have the right color????????
I did make it uptown to the bank yesterday and then over to the quilt shop--
I picked up the cute grey and rusty fox fabric at the sale room for only $5 a yard!!!
I do think this  will be cute on the backing--there is grey in the border print--
but that didn't get in the picture!!!

And yesterday turned out to be lily day for photos--

I do hope everyone is somehow keeping cool--
the temp in here this morning was 84--as I don't run the ac at night--
and that was over 3 hours ago and the ac is still running and is finally down to 78 degrees--
I need to go get my B-12 injection--but it is way too humid to walk even the 2 blocks to
the clinic and tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter and more humid--ouch!!!!

love, di and miss gracie
PS--I will be running the ac tonight --for sure!!!


  1. The flowers are beautiful!! I love the little foxes backing. It is hot enough, but I still prefer it over cold and snow. :)

  2. And when fall gets here, it feels like it only lasts a week!! Your flower photos are gorgeous, so glad you got to get out for a bit.
    Just enjoy the A/C and handstitch. Relax and be cool!

  3. Hehe keeping cool over here in winter!! Actually the last few days have been mild so that makes life enjoyable! I know what you mean about not having the right backing etc fabric... or I have one that is pretty good but then I would rather use it on the front! But a trip to the quilt shop is always fun I guess :-) Your daylily photos are lovely. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  4. Ha! 84 sounds cool and refreshing right now! PLEASE run your a/c tonight! It's so hot, I don't even think I'll be able to kayak this weekend. At least you have a cool refreshing lake to look at. Have you ever jumped in? Enjoy your stitching.

  5. Lovely flowers! And really cute foxes!
    We are still having sunshine, hot, but most days with a breeze. The best summer for years, but not much sewing being done :-) Keep your a/c running!

  6. Life goes by much too quickly as it is without wishing for the next season already. I personally like spring and fall - great walking weather. I totally dislike heat and humidity - I like to breathe.
    It's always nice to get fabrics - especially if they are a bargain.

  7. The fox backing will look lovely on your quilt. The colours in the top are gorgeous. Very pretty flowers. It is winter here so cold and wet today. Good day to sew. Hugs......

  8. Heard on the news last evening that the summer temps in the US have been very high and for days on end too!! Our summers are similiar, right now we are experiencing a fairly mild winter, yesterday it was around 70F, so very mild indeed, but I'm not complaining!! Nice to see you are able to get some sewing done, I do like that fox print!!!!


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