Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am sorry--
did not realize that it has been a whole week--
since my last post--
They say that 'time' goes fast when one is having fun!
So --was I having 'fun' or not!!!???????

I did find something--
Yep--#12 turned up--but was not appliqued--
I do have '11' of the plates appliqued now--
just one more to do--so that was 'fun'!!!
and when I found the missing 'plate'--I also found an embroidery snowman--
that I had been stitching --and have been working on that some more--
and that has been fun!!!
and I am steadily hand quilting the red, blue, and tan quilt--
and that is fun!!!

I finally felt well enough to go for some walks and got some more photos, taken--
and that has been fun!!!

These 3 colors are in one garden outside--
and these two are in another garden outside!!!

And I thought this was 'funny'--
these boater's take there own 'water park' right with them--
so they can have fun--know matter where they are??????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Glad you were feeling up to a nice walk today. What beautiful hollyhocks. Mine haven't bloomed, yet. Glad you found your missing block!

  2. Glad you are having fun! The Dresden plates are lovely - made me want to finish mine. Are you going to hand quilt? I'm not sure how to quilt them, not very good at machine quilting yet.
    Hope you keep feeling better.

  3. Time really does seem to fly when you're having fun. Love the pictures of the Hollyhocks. You really live in a beautiful area. Glad you found your missing block. Will be anxious to see how you put them all together. Nola

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better, and that you can get out for a walk and enjoy the outdoors for a bit, I hope you stay well Di....
    I have missed your more regular posts, am pleased to see that you have caught up on some older projects, you and Miss Gracie take it easy.....

  5. I was getting ready to come up and look for you! I love seeing your pictures, especially since I can picture your little town and where you are. Love, love the hollyhocks. Take care, my friend.

  6. You have been busy on your dresdens. Love your floral pictures. Hugs....

  7. Looks like a nice day out there. Glad you had a chance to enjoy it. That boat is really funny.


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