Monday, July 22, 2013


I do have to say that this summer so far --
is steady and slow--
(and yes hot and humid--but????)

I have gotten another small quilt top hand quilted--

the top one here--
so we now add it to the binding pile!!!!

and more embroidery work is being done on these--
and they are nearly done--
and while doing laundry this morning--
three of the flowers on this table runner are finished with the blanket stitch!!!!
soooo--I am keeping busy!!!

And yesterday I even went overtown to visit some of my favorite shops--
as it was a bit cooler here--
and I did not spend one penny!!!!
though I think there was a piece of fabric that kinda wanted to come home
with me!!!!!!
I was actually reading in our local paper that 100 years ago this month they had a very heavy frost--
and it killed alot of the gardens and fruits it was so bad!!!!

Guess we will keep the heat this year and not complain!!!!!?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Lots of lovely projects on the go. hugs......

  2. Nice to see you are working on finishing up a few projects despite the heat!! Take care...

  3. Hi Di. Hope you are doing well. It looks like you are working pretty hard and accomplishing a lot.
    It has been hot here, but I don't mind the heat. It is mostly in the 80's.But it has rained EVERY DAY! So that cools it down until it is very comfortable. The problem is there is no where for all the water to go. It is so soggy outside. I might have to take swimming lessons!
    I love all the pictures of the flowers. Are these in your garden? They are really lovely.
    well, I will go now. Take care!

  4. Lots of pretty things are popping up at your place. All this heat is good for productivity. I think I wouldn't mind some frosty weather though.
    Keep stitching.

  5. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
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