Friday, August 9, 2013


I have some 'ufo's' that are flying from the --
ufo stage to===
the finished stage--
and they are so happy!!!!!
This one  is all hand quilted now and has it's binding all done--
this one is all hand quilted and the binding is all done, also!!!!

this is a result of what happens in the summer time with your air conditioner--
that is only 13 months old decides to stop running--
and you have to have 8--yep--8 fans running in a small upstairs apartment--
to even begin to breathe -- let alone work!!!!

And this is our big NASCAR week end here in the Glen--
well--up on the track on the hill--they are expecting only about--
93,000 people to come and watch it--we have steady lines of cars, trucks, and
campers coming into town from about 5 different directions--
all headed on up the hill to the track--!!!!!!!!

So have a great and cool week end where ever you are!!!!
Hugs, di and one hot kitty--Miss gracie!!!!!


  1. No A/C? I don't know what it's like there today, but our humidity is about 200%, and no amount of fans would but through that. Is someone coming to fix your a/c? Do you own it, or the complex? Hope it's all better soon!!

  2. Evil apartment people should supply super unbreakable a/c units for you guys. This humidity is icky!!! Your work is really pretty though, so the fans are helping I hope. Vroom, vroom--wish I was driving up the hill.

  3. Oh Goodness! Hope it is fixed soon. The humidity is back here and killer.
    You did good getting those done with only fans! Are we spoiled or what! Was not too long ago we did no have AC at all and made it through hot humid days with just fans!

  4. Oh dear.. hope they fix it soon!!! You'd get even more done! Hmm... I'm sure Alice would like to be there with all the NASCAR goings on.... xxx


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