Saturday, August 17, 2013


who loves Kyle Bush--the M&M car--
and seeing how he won at Watkins Glen last Sunday--
she 'declared' the week--Kyle week!!!!
She was so much fun this past week--
I did show you already--
In my mail box--
she had posters and pictures of him and the car up all over the place all week!!!
one day she knocked on the door--
and around her neck was a 'cooler' bag with his number and all in yellow--
and she would open it and let you get out small bags of m&m's!!!
then she'd head on down the hall with the vacuum cleaner!!!
and yesterday she came around all dressed in yellow and a special box done with m&m's paper,
and handed out homemade brownies with m&m's on top of them---
Do you think she likes driver--Kyle Bush??????????????
I think treat time will be over next week--
this week end at the Glen track these are what is racing--

Me--just been doing some more hand quilting and working on stars!!!

Sooo--I guess that Melinda and I both had stars in our eyes this past week!!!!!
Have a fun week end--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. It was certainly nice of Melinda to share in her happiness all week. Your stars are coming along nicely, and that's a beautiful flower picture!

  2. I think I like Melinda. I know I like Kyle and M&Ms!!!! Your spinning stars are pretty,can't wait to see the finished project.

  3. Your stars are looking great and I love the pretty flower


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