Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Star blocks that is!!!
And while I was showing the blocks to my friend Anne--
I discovered that I had one going the wrong way --
now I don't know--if it was really the right way--
or--the wrong way--all I know is--
it was not spinning in the same direction as all the others I have stitched????
and it is the very first one I did--the yellow one here--
once I took the two apart--and went to pile them up--
it was "ouch" time--so Anne got another block to do something with!!!

Now I had already known that I might have a problem with the template--
as it is clear with no markings--so I had put a piece of painter's blue tape on one side--
so that all the blades would go in one direction--good for me!!!
this is the package that the template came in--
I got it on sale at Joann's a couple years ago--
you can sew them by hand or by machine--
I am using 2 fabrics on mine--
but you can also use 3 fabrics and those stars are pretty too!!

How do you like this squash--or should I say--these '2' squashes??????
and then someone did some art work on them!!!!!
think it's time I went 'buzzing' around blog land--
be safe--have some fun--
hugs, di and ---
the 'bee' watcher!!!


  1. Haven't seen those stars before - quite a bot of work there.
    Would love to give that bee-watcher a cuddle!
    Glad you have got A/C again - I think the natural one is here now; temps are dropping ....

  2. Miss G looks like she is totally engrossed. Simple pleasures. Your spinning stars are going to be really pretty. Good idea with the tape. I will have to remember that one.

  3. Love your spinning stars Di..
    Miss g looks content sitting there.

  4. The spinning stars are really cool! Do they interlock or are they appliqued onto background? The squash is hardcase!!!


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