Friday, November 29, 2013


Go shopping yesterday or today on Black Friday???
Did you start out all excited cause you planned to--
save alot on those big specials????
or did the scene look like this----
madness and mayhem????

Did you have a set amount to spend??
Did you take some help with you???
and did you finish your shopping today???
and now all that is left is the gift wrapping????

Or  do you feel like at the end of the day--
you wasted your time and money--cause you spent more than you planned on --
cause of all the other bargains you found along the way?????

This is how I did my shopping today--
and I did find some---
sales on a couple things that I had been looking at--
but didn't want to pay the regular price--
and on a couple orders I got an overall discount and free shipping!!!
So that makes me a happy camper tonight!!!

so how did you fare????????
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Nope! I bought one thing online, and spent the rest of the day stitching secret projects. stitchy stitch stitch!! We're going out to dinner with our monthly dinner club, or I wouldn't even leave the house today. Should I mention that both of our quilt stores were closed today?!? Might have to visit one tomorrow for Shop Small Saturday!

  2. I didn't go out today either, Di. There are too many people out there that only care about themselves and what they want.And don't care if they knock you down. My neice took her daughter shopping and some woman tried to run over her with a buggy. It really scared her. She said she would not go back. Can't blame her. I will go in the middle of the week while everyone is working. It won't be so bad then. I just hope there are still lots of bargains. Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?

  3. LOL I love that JACK....
    Yep I went shopping online as I live down under and we don't have Thanksgiving or Block Friday.....


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