Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I actually went over town on Saturday--
at the Country shop--
this little 'bit' of winter followed me home--
and a few other things--but they are all gifts!!!!

Then I went on to the Quilt shop--
and the neatess thing happened while I was there--
remember the posts about the stolen scissors and then going to the Quilt shop and
getting an envelope with my name on it and inside was a new pair?????
I met the lady who so lovingly gave me those new scissors and she is one of my readers
from Copperstown--a good hour or more drive from here--
Now how cool is that--????
and yes--I came home with some goodies--
yep--more fabric!!!
I must be in a chickadee mood---!!!
Wonder what miss gracie will make with these?????

and here is a photo I took on the way over town--
And today I went shopping for a new Christmas tree--
ended up getting a 'pencil' tree and 3 new stings of a new style of lights!!!!
so it looks like miss gracie will get her first Christmas tree this year!!!!

and I may be in trouble--
On Tuesday when Anne came to quilt--we went to the Dollar General and I got some
kitty litter, dry food, and canned food for the Humane Society--and as there was a car
there, we just stopped and dropped it off==and yes,, I had to look at the kitties--
and they have some all black kittens and some all black adult cats--
I keep asking miss gracie what she wants for Christmas--a kitten or a cat?????????
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Look at those cute little chickadees! And that cute snowman. Can't wait to hear stories about Miss Gracie's first Christmas tree. Should be fun!!

  2. Look forward to seeing what Miss Gracie decides to make! Catnip toys?

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time out shopping! pretty fabrics. We get the Carolina Chickadees here. DH feeds birds so they pop into feeders. Hope Gracie enjoys her tree this year. Wiggles is NOT getting one! I am trying to decide on how and what to use this year that she will leave alone!

  4. Just looking again at your fabric purchase, and I think I bought that same fabric at the same store!!


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