Monday, January 6, 2014


for another deep freeze????
You know what is really funny????
Doesn't matter if I am ready or not--
it's coming!!!
But right now--
the sun just popped out--
it really does want to shine--
it's just that those 'darn' clouds cover more area than the sun--
and they cover the sun!!!


we will let this happen --
and remember that the sun will be back out soon!!!

Oh for the Joy of--
Internet shopping--
and I had fun so far this month--
I ordered vitamins, organic food, a new blouse, and some new fabric!!!

And I have read a couple books so far this year--
and knitted some new dish clothes--
and played with Miss Gracie and her new toys!!!

I am thinking about my projects for January!!!
I have an embroidery block I want to finish--
a counted cross stitch project I can finish--
a wool project I can finish--
and a hand quilted project I can finish--
and a quilt sewing project I can finish--
so it sounds like I might be in the finishing profession this month--
so if I am good and get these done--
then next month--
I will only start new projects---
hey sounds like a plan to me?????????

What is your plans????????????
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. We have family in the Watertown area and saw on the news that they will be getting hit tonight. I do not miss living up there lol.

    I'm still on a knitting kick. Picked up some #3 needles that I needed for an upcoming cable hat that I will be starting next month. Also, some yarn for a baby blanket and some more for a possible shawl. I plan on ordering some sock yarn so I can make my first pair of knit socks for myself.

    Stay in and stay warm. I can't even send you any sunshine because we don't have any down here either.

  2. Hello Di and Miss Gracie. I hope you are doing well and staying warm. It is colder here than it has been in over 10 years. Tonight it is supposed to be around 4 degree's.I am not a cold weather person.
    My plans for this year are to finish some things from last year and to start on some new quilt tops.I would also like to get some purses made and do some crafting.I have lots of plans, but of course, I will have to wait and see as to what gets done.
    I will check back later, Di. Take care.

  3. Don't you sound Joyful!! Our weather is crazy. We were covered with ice last night when I went to bed, then it warmed up and melted before morning. Now we're getting colder and colder and colder. Brrrrr..... I think your plan for January sounds like a good one. If you get all those finishes this month, you certainly won't feel bad for starting a new one or three next month. Stay warm!!

  4. Stay warm Di and Miss Gracie! Thanks for the gorgeous Christmas card!! Just love it :) xxx

  5. Looks like you are keeping yourself busy while it is sew cold outside. Wish I could swap some of your cold for our heat....
    Stay warm..


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