Friday, January 10, 2014


I was a very bad hostess last year with our--
Challenge of 2013--
and I am very sorry about that!!

But I do know that some of you kept on working it--
Like Oddbjorg--
she sent me a list that she completed the following--
May/June--mugrugs and a basket
July/Aug--a little bag
Sept/Oct--mug rugs
Nov/Dec--finished a sweater that she started in Aug

and I am sure that once in awhile some of the rest you said that you where still on track--
please let me know how each of you made out--and I need snail mail addresses please!!!

Do you want a challenge for the year this year????
any good ideas??????
So far mine seem to be--
Jan--working on 5 wips--
Feb--creating 5 new wips!!!!!

whatever project you are working on--
have fun with it and find some Joy in today!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Di, I did some projects, but not all. If you do another one this year, I will do my best to keep up. But could you put a link on your sidebar to the list of projects, or just put the list on your sidebar. If it was more obvious, I might do better. With my list of over 30 projects, I'm sure I could find something to meet the criteria each time. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  3. Congratulations to Oddbjorg , glad she did so well. Meeting up with her in February here in Oslo, great! Thanking you ever so much arranging the challenge. I have not done so well,sorry!
    Happy 2014, Di and miss G :-)

  4. I started off so well last year. With great intentions anyway. Maybe I will do better this year. Got to get those presents made.

  5. I had the best of intentions but things got a tad overlaoaded last year!! Well done to Oddbjorg!!


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