Tuesday, January 21, 2014


that are on my 'to finish' list for January--
First is the wool project--
all the stitching is finished on it--
Anne and I decided today that it really does need to be framed!!
(wasn't sure how  I wanted to finish it off--now to find the frame???)

And Sunday and Mondays work on this one--
And now--
and now--
this cloth has not been the easiest to work with--
finally discovered that a sharper and thinner needle helps!!!
good thing us "crafters" have all kinds of needles!!!!

It is very cold here today--like -7 with the chill factor---ouch!!!
But friend Anne came anyways--
we just sat and quilted for 2 hours--no shopping or going out to lunch--

I am still steadily working on the Christmas  quilt--will really be glad when it is done!!!
I have some really pretty light colored quilts all basted waiting there turn!!!

What is everyone else working on????
and what bom's or stitch alongs are you doing this year????

Joy is being able to be inside where it is warm today!!!
hugs, di and that miss gracie


  1. what is the pattern? Your wool project is gorgeous! I glad Anne was able to join you for awhile. We've having a snowstorm, so I worked from home today. And now I'm playing the rest of the day. Are you getting snow? Or is this one passing you by?

  2. Your Christmas quilt is looking good! :0)

  3. Love your wool project. Framing it sounds like a good idea. That way it will stay clean and you can hang it up to enjoy.


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