Monday, February 10, 2014


I got a lovely surprise in the mail today--
and it is not for any holiday--
it's  a  "thank you" gift--
Are theses not adorable?????
Ahhh--there's a kitty cat on there with me!!!
and some more fur balls--how lovely--
and don't you like this red outfit I am wearing????
These gifts and a nice letter--
all came from Grethe in Norway!!
Thank you sooooo very much, my dear--you truly made my day month!!!!

I best to everyone this week--
remember this is a short month!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


Grethe said...

Glad the envelope arrived safe! Enjoy the use and thanking you as well :-)

Alice said...

Don't remind me that the month is short. Ugh! Your goodies are really cute. That was very sweet!

sunny said...

Aw..Grethe is such a sweetie! I would love to meet her in real life. Was this part of your green challenge? Or just a random gift?

Maria said...

Sew nice to get a surprise gift and sew cute too. You do look great in the red number...LOL

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