Sunday, February 9, 2014


I am excited as I already have a finish for February!!!
I got this long narrow Valentine pillow all cross stitched and finished off--
I had to do some 'unstitching--actually alot of it' but I just kept that needle going and I am glad I did!!!

And I have two totally finished finishes from last month done--
My needlework gal is all framed now--
and the  wool piece is framed--this is 16x20 frame--this piece is large--
and I think I am going to hang  it in the sewing room so that I can think about Christmas all year long!!!!!!

I got a good start on not one, but two green projects--
now to decide how to finish these off!!!
and then to whom I want to mail them too???????

Still very cold here--like '1' degree today--
so I will continue to keep myself warm inside!!!
Have a joyful day in what ever you are doing today---
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I love your little valentine pillow! :0)

  2. Love you little valentine pillow! and your stitchery from last month - turned out great. And the wool - be still my heart. Where did you get that pattern? As for the squirrel at the door, that is so perfect! It's snowing here right now, but we're only supposed to get less than an inch. It better stop soon.

  3. That little squirrel moves fast--he was up on the window feeder that we have in the kitchen making all kinds of noise.
    Your projects are all gorgeous as usual. You make me want to get out some stitching.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--I don't have time now.
    Do some for me.


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