Wednesday, March 19, 2014


That your friend and her master are still at it!!!!

Mom is still working on sorting, organizing  and decluttering and boy--
about that decluttering--
I have to stay 'lost' most of the time--
cause she just might decide to put me in one of those 'totes' that she is filling up to go to a good cause!!!!???

Mom did get the one counted cross stitch finished that she was working on--
but says she wants to frame it before she shows it--crazy 'mom'!!!

and she is working on a shawl in knitting and--
though she did say she wouldn't start another one--
she did--
another cross stitch one--crazy mom!!!!

Joy really is having less!!!
love, miss gracie and her mom!!!!

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  1. Well done on the organizing and downsizing. You better hurry up and frame that pretty stitchery so we can see it!!!


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