Saturday, March 22, 2014


Di---it is not Christmas--
It is spring????
I know--
but remember I am spring cleaning!!!
and this afternoon while the one race is on the telly--
I plan to sort through this mess and declutter and donate lots!!!
That's the plan anyways!!!!
I still have not gotten to get the black frame for this--
but here is the latest cross stitch that is finished--
and I am working on another cross stitch now--
was doing really well on it--until I discovered today that I had to 'unstitch' some!!!!!
And --
John, our maintenance guy, built a nice puzzle table out in the hallway at the top
of our stairs for anyone to use--we have a community puzzle there and anyone going by
can, stop and put some pieces in--
and guess who does alot of  'stopping' and putting in????
I do enjoy working on puzzles--
there is one table down in the community room--
but just one tenant works on that one and she considers it 'hers' only!!!!

How is everyone doing on this months challenge???????????
I must confess--that I am not doing well--
the sorting and cleaning is taking up all of my energy and time--
but it will be soooo good to have it all done--!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Isn't it sad that you have to make a big mess to get things cleaned up? it looks like you're making major progress. Have fun with your puzzle! I was hoping hubby and I would do puzzles, but he's not interested.

  2. That puzzletable is a good idea. I like puzzles, too.
    And you are really getting on with your springcleaning!
    I am staying with my sister for a few days, so I haven't done anything for the challenge yet, but still some days to go...


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