Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Whether or not--I should be doing 'whatever'--
I am steadily working on this --

Counted Cross stitch project--
we are getting close now--
a couple flowers go in the vines--
then a row of thread spools under her feet and the border!!!

You like warm or cold weather????
We have had a bit of both this last week--
Yesterday-- the sun was shinning so brightly--
that I went for a walk down by the lake--
but the wind was very cold--so did not stay--
I did see this in the garden though--
couple spring flowers are trying to tell the weather man to stop shaking it's "feathers"--
here is a look out the window for today--
It started raining in the night and rained until about 10:30 am--then it changed to that cold white stuff--I can't remember what it is called--been along time since we had any??????lol
and now it is getting bitter cold out--so we will have lots of ice under the snow!!!
At this time--right now--2:45pm it is still snowing heavily out there!!!
Happy Winter everyone!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I'm glad we missed the snow this time. We got some rain today, and the temperatures are dropping, but
    Spring will be back on Friday. Enjoy your stitching. There are no rules to determine what and when you must stitch.

  2. Your needleworker is cute. You are almost there. Doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you are enjoying yourself.
    We only got rain and wind last night, but cold again now.

  3. Crazy, crazy Winter weather this year! We may not have the snow (thankfully) but we still have the fluctuating temperatures. I put away all my Winter clothes last week just to have to bring them back out this week.

    I used to do lots of cross stitch until I found embroidery and realized I like to stitch designs that way. I was always surprised how much time it took to do a simple little design. I would spend a couple hours making little X's and only have a small area finished. It is a great way to get the subtle shading you need in a design though.


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