Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I actually did a bit more decorating for Easter--
I love this wool hanging--
I never knew where or how to hang it--
so nearly gave it away--when I got this idea--
and now it is a keeper!!!

and here is what is on the dry sink under that window--
the best news is--
that this dry sink is cleared off for once so I can decorate!!!!!!!!!

and this is the top of the lastest table I bought--
and it is actually 'clutter' free for once!!!!

The other day I was in a bad way--and I needed a chocolate fix--
so walked over to the new health food store and this is what I found--
yep--this little bitty bar--
but--let me tell you--
it hit the spot!!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Your decorations are all so cute! I used to do some decorating, but now I'm too lazy to get stuff out and then have to put it away again. I'm glad you enjoyed your itty bitty chocolate bar.

  2. Your new Easter decorations look fabulous and a little chocolate is perfect..

  3. pretty Spring decorations! Sometimes itty bitty is just enough!

  4. Gorgeous decor!!! It all looks so pretty! Good things come in small packages!!!


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