Friday, April 11, 2014


And Spring is here--
and I have even seen and felt the Sun a couple days now--
and they say our temps here will be mid 70's next week--
Just in time for--
for all good bunnies to smell the tulips!!!

I did get a couple more small counted cross stitch projects stitched--
Did this running rabbit--she is leaping over 3 flowers--
what you say--
you don't see any flowers--just stems--
the  flowers will be buttons--one of these days!!!

the other cross stitch I have not gotten a picture of yet--
and am nearly done with a third one!!!
These are in last years "Lamb" series!!

I am still decluttering--slowly!!!
Did take a couple bags full of quilts and pillows to the Odessa library for them to use as raffles or to sell to raise some money's for books today!!
But now I am down to the 'hard' part--
sorting fabrics and quilting items and moving my sewing things to the dinning room area!!!
anyone want to come and help me????????????
(Except for you, Di, we need you get this decluttering thingy done--
we are getting tired of hearing about it!!!!!!!!)
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Hello Di and Miss Gracie. I hope you are doing well. I am so happy to see and feel the warm weather. It has got to make us feel better. This winter has been so cold and my hubby has been really sick so I hope the warmer weather will be better for him.Maybe he can get outside and enjoy the sunshine.
    I see you are already doing your Spring cleaning. And you have gotten lots done. Good for you! Want to start on mine? I need to clean and straighten up my sewing room too. But where do I start? It is easier to leave it as it is. At least I know where everything is. Well, Di, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and take the time to get out and enjoy it. Big hug! Talk to you later.

  2. Loving the Easter bunnies....
    Oh it would fun to be able to pop over and help you...

  3. I think I will come help... if you come do mine! It is always so much easier decluttering someone else's house! xxx


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