Saturday, April 26, 2014


I don't even know where to start--
anyone have any ideas???
I did make it over to the Quilt shop the other day--
on my way to get some 'hot and spicy chicken wings'---
and I purchased these 4 --7x7" pieces of wool--
and they cost me $16.00-yep--$4 a piece!
But I wanted them for these--
the dark lavender to go with this one--
though--I think I can do better with the color shade for this one--
there were other aqua's there--
and like I usually do--I forgot to take the stitchery with me!!!
Now the first 2 in this series of 12, I made into small pillows--
the brain decided the other day after getting these wool pieces home--
that I want to make a wall hanging/small quilt size with them instead--
there is 12 all together--
sooo that would mean that I would only need one piece of each color of wool for the backgrounds--
and here is #5--
all done and I have started #6--
so we area slowly getting there!!!

what a wonderful surprise I got the other day when I got my mail and seen a 'you have a package tag in the office' in the box--
It was a large box of--
and I sorted out these to go in my stash and--
wooooo--wait-- a minute--I see something hidding in the pile--
Yessssssssssssssssss--someone knows that I love Chocolate!!!!
the rest of the box of fabric went to Anne for the kids quilts she does--
and she got excited too with some of the really cute prints that was in her share!!!
And who sent this box of lovelyness---
none other than my friend Alice in VA---
Thanks again Alice!!!!

ON THE REARRANGING--end of things--
I am getting there--slowly--but surely!!!!!
I have the living room back to the way I like it--
and now have the furniture in the dinning room area that now will be my 'new' sewing room--
and am working now on taking care of the piles of quilts and things that somehow found there
way on top of the tables--
then we go back to the bedroom/sewing room and start to bring out all the little stuff you need to
sew with--rulers, threads, patterns--on and on!!!!!

what diet--I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one says 'eat this' the next one says 'don't eat that---

Be good and have a great week end--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. So you shared the fabric with Anna. Did you share the chocolate also?

  2. really like the cross stitches............great bundle of fabrics........

  3. Pretty little wool pieces. Wool can get pretty pricey but thankfully when doing applique you usually only need small pieces and can save the rest for another project. Wool does add a bit of old time charm when used as a backing.

  4. The cross stitches will make a gorgeous wall hanging Di.
    Lovely pile of fabrics and I bet you enjoyed the chocolate...

  5. Love your stitches with the wool Di. Just beautiful and ohhhhhh how those are some fun fabrics!


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