Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Must be a new act of some sort!!!
I know--he was here for the 'polar plunge' this week on the lake!!!
and it was  cold!!!

and here is a guy who is used to the cold--
But I did  not know that he did 'head stands'???

Did get out yesterday with the camera--
a weeping tree across the street in bloom--
and a pink flowered tree on my way to the Yarn shop and the Quilt shop!!

some bright yellow daffodils with some Christmas lights for a back drop!!!!

I am getting close to getting the reorganizing done--
today I need to finish up the new sewing area--
all has been sorted--just need to decide what 'equipment' goes in what drawers
so that I can easily get to them!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie

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  1. Lovely spring pictures! You have been so dedicated to your cleaning and organizing. It must feel good to be nearing the end of your project. I start, but I never make much progress. :-(


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