Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am working on the Hannah and Harrington blocks today--
and actually sewing the blocks into strips--
and --
I discovered one block comes up short--
that worm not only ate a hole in the apple--
he ate 1/2 inch off the side, too!!!
so off I went to search for more of this piece of background--
and by some miracle--I still had a piece and it was actually the right length --
so first I cut a strip off this that was 3/4 inches wide--
thinking that was all I needed--
but I was still short--
so the next time I just sewed the whole piece to this right side--
pressed it and then   measured it and cut it--

and now my block is the right size--
and 'nobody' will notice what I did--right??????
I also discovered that 2 other blocks did not have all the hand work done on them--
so this afternoon, while watching the Nationwide race on TV--
I got those 2 blocks finished and the last block finished--
so we are on the home stretch--
so hang in there Hannah and Harrington!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. It is sew frustrating when we come up short on blocks. Glad you had enough fabric to fix it.

  2. So annoying when that happens. I'm sure it won't be noticed after quilting, that hides most of our little errors. Hugs....


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