Tuesday, May 20, 2014


look at my 'new' design wall--
here is the blocks that I have done for the Hannah and Harrington quilt--
so far--have the felt work done on block 7--but discovered I had not done the embroidery part--
so worked on that some this morning and have all the materials out for the other 5 blocks--
so --
maybe some day this one will actually get done!!!!

I am happy to say--
the #11 and the #12 blocks of the Virtues blocks are now all cross stitched--
now to find the fabrics to finish this one off!!!!

and here is a rare photos--
a good picture of Miss gracie in good lighting--
though--it still looks like she is saying--
"I hate having my picture taken!!!"
hugs, di and that darn cat


  1. That is just too funny...why you ask? Because I am at almost the exact same place on my Harriet blocks!!

  2. You must have found your mojo while you were cleaning. Was it hiding with the UFO's? You're making great progress.


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