Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I can't believe that I am actually sewing once again--
here is where I am on the 'wiggles' quilt top--
I did have another plan for the  borders--
but after sewing on the 2 sides--
I changed my mind--
and went to this design--
and this morning I worked on sewing up the outer borders--
now to sew them to the quilt top!!!

and my 'rabbits' are just happy to be out of the closet!!!!
the Bee hive one is finished, and has lots of bee's and flowers--
and the wishing well one is all finished--
this morning I got the next 2 blocks prepped--
so come on Julie Q--and get busy on yours--
or you will be left way behind!!!!!!!!!

It is raining here and I am cold--
It is odd--but I have been cold alot this spring--
must not be working hard enough??????????

Have a great Wednesday--(or Thursday???)
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Dang girl - you better slow down! I've been cold a lot lately too, and I think it's at least partly due to my change in eating habits. You said you were eating much healthier, And if you've lost any weight, that could make a difference, too.

  2. It is all looking very good, Di.
    I have been cold, too, but we had some rainy weather after it had been hot for a while. The rain made it feel very cold and I had to turn the heat back on. After the rain, it should feel warmer again.
    Take care.

  3. Sending warm wishes and sunshine from NC. Bunnies are looking great!

  4. You have been a busy little bee!!! Everything looks so pretty. And enjoy the feeling cold because you know it isn't going to last much longer. We will all be complaining about the heat!


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