Thursday, May 15, 2014


I did it--
really got the sewing machine a hummin last evening--
and worked on the wiggles quilt--
I decided to make mine smaller--
and I did not get to press this before it was computer time--
but had to let you see--that I am back!!!!!!!!!

a surprise package in the mail came yesterday--
there were these beautiful items along with--
these 2 and--
and this little item opens up--
and is a needle/pin booklet--
how cute is that!!
these lovely gifts came from a blog reader, named, Joyce--
she said in the card that she knew that my B-day was sometime in May--
so she sent them--( it was May 6th--but I will celebrate it anytime during the month, Joyce-
in means so much to me that you thought of me--thank you!)

a couple more cross stitch's are finished on the stitching part-

I have started #11 on this series--so we are stitching right along here!!

Please pray for my niece, Marianne and her family--
they lost their home and 4 vehicles to a flash flood on Wednesday--
thank you!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Love your cross stitches. And what awesome birthday gifts. Where does your niece live? I guess I've been out of tough with the weather the past few days. We do have River Flood Watched in our area for the weekend, but it won't affect me directly - just my kayaking plans. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DI. I hope you enjoyed it. (HEY-I was only a week late)
    I will keep your niece in my thoughts and prayers. We had sooo much rain last night that it washed the gravel down out of our driveway into the yard. I spent the whole morning trying to rake it back into the driveaway. What a mess!
    Take care and I will talk to you later.


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