Sunday, May 18, 2014


I went for a nice long walk this morning--
and here is some of the photos I took along the way--
I love this tree--it is right across the street from me--
wished it had these blooms all year!!!
seen 4 lilac bushes on the way--
first this white one--
a dark purple one-
a light purple one-
this robin kept a good watch over me--
she must of had some babies near by!!
and then this one!!

Here is one of the 'strangest' things I seen today--
a strawberry patch in front of a home on main street!!!

and I got to photo a couple cats--

this cat is probably a 'relative' of miss gracies--
and she is having fun in the sun--
and then there was this black one--
who played 'peek a boo' with me around this car--
and I am sure this cat is also a relative of Miss gracies!!!

What photo's did you take today???
hugs., di and miss gracies relatives!!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I wish Dogwood blooms lasted much longer, too. Our lilac is blooming right now, but it's a miniature, so not quite as pretty as your examples. Looks like you had a lovely walk.


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