Sunday, June 29, 2014


I can not say that I am smiling alot ---
we will get there--right????
I am still having alot of facial pain--
but have decided it is not from the teeth--
it is from my other illness of the environmental issues--
I have been having an issue with some pain in that right cheek area for awhile now--
off and on--and I do believe that is where this 'extra' pain is coming from now--
My biggest hope is that once this area of my 'gum's' heal,
 that I will also not have this 'other' pain as well--
 I know I am sure that I have totally confused you--well--welcome to the club!!!
It is really hot and humid here today--
a good day to stay inside and work on a hand project!!!
I am so glad that we have 2 weeks--
opps--had 2 weeks--
now have 1 week yet to get our homework done for the Temecula stitch along--
cause I did not feel up to it last week--
but do hope to be able to do some stitching this week--
is anyone else doing this SAL?????
Thanks for 'Bearing' with me this last week--
and for all the great prayers and thoughts and comments--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Glad to see you're posting, and I hope all the pain is worth it in the end, and you're feeling fine and dandy in no time. Is there anything I can send you? Do you have enough chocolate? Maybe some ice cream? Get lots of stitching done, and give Miss Gracie a snuggle for me. You know she liked me!

  2. Hope things will be better day by day, Di and that painkillers take the worts pain away quickly. Hope the doctor helps you enough, and happy sewing when you can :-)

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon...saying a prayer for quick healing and that the pain will go away permanently...

  4. So good to hear that you are able to think of some Quilty projects. As for the pain, will pray and send lots of positive thoughts. Once the dental work is all behind you, I'm sure recovery will be fast and much appreciated. Take care...

  5. Sending you lots of healing Hugz. Hope you are feeling 100% soon.


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